The Kvíz - Pub Quiz in English in Čáry Máry - 13.3.2019 20:00
Hello and welcome, this is The Kvíz - Pub Quiz in English

Remember to register: :) One of the topics will be CURRENT EVENTS and one will be FOOD
Rules of Wednesday:
Create a team of 2-7 members ...
You will be challenged in 6 rounds testing your general knowledge (one of the rounds will be current events).
Unfortunatelly, no more than 20 teams can be accepted, sorry. But you will be notified should there be place available.
And yes, you can win prizes.
1. Place : 30€ to be spent in Čáry-Máry on meals
2. Place: 20€ to be spent in Čáry-Máry on drinks
3. Place: 10€ worth of Alpha Taxi vouchers
As always there will be something for 2 average teams and last team. And all the prizes can change for better ones :)

At the end bonus question where one of you will win 5€ to be spent in NhaBe vietnamese bistro or on taxis.

Admission: 3€ per team member

There will be points for your scores towards the league:
1. place 10 points
2. place 9 points
3. place 8 points
4. place 7 points
5. place 7 points
6. place 6 points
7. place 6 points
8. place 5 points
9. place 5 points
10. place 4 points
11. place 4 points
12. place 3 points
13. place 3 points
14. place 2 points
15. place 2 points
All other teams 1 point

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