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If you'd like to appeal a ban please fill out the boxes below. [DO NOT SUBMIT DUPLICATE APPEALS]
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Loyal MC Rules
1. No Hacks or Exploits
2. No X-Ray
3. No Duplication glitches like duplicating items or entities.
4. No crashing or lagging the server.
5. Do not purposely offend other players, this includes, misgendering, insulting, using racial slurs, or using other hateful and discriminatory language.
6. Killing players right after they leave the spawn border. (Spawn Killing)
7. No Inappropriate/NSFW memes, buildings, images, or signs.
8. If you speak English please speak English.
9. Staff will not spawn in items for you or give you anything not obtained by actual gameplay so please don't ask.
10. Use Common Sense, Some rules are too obvious to be listed here.
11. VIP Players are not allowed to share items from any of the kits.
12. No overly Explicit language in chat like Sexual innuendo, Etc...
13. Do not beg for OP or a position in Staff.
14. Ban evasion will result in an extended ban or worse.
15. No Killing new players right away.
16. No finding loopholes or errors in the rules, this can also be considered as using common sense.
17. Killing players and griefing players for no reason is punishable you must have a specific or good reason.
18. Impersonation of another player or staff.
19. Receiving cheated items ISN'T ALLOWED.
20. Advertising other Discord servers and/or Minecraft servers is not allowed.
21. Follow Discord TOS
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