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EarlyFounders Labs is Africa's leading coding and startup school for children on a mission to empower children with tech and entrepreneurial skills from the age of 5, preparing them to launch startups before they turn 18.

Our Teaching Fellowship Program is an invitation to join our team from anywhere as a Teaching Fellow and be part of the impact makers creating the future of Africa through education.

Once pre-qualified, prospective fellows would go through a Teacher Training and Certification program to equip you with all the needed skills after which we would assign students to you to teach either virtually, in person or through partner schools and clubs around you. You'll basically teach coding to children and teenagers using our curriculum and resources.

You don't need to have all the skills now. If you get accepted into the program, we will cover the cost of your training and certification which you will only pay back through deductions when you start earning from the program. Fellows earn per student they teach which we would assign to you.

This is an interest form. Once filled, we would assess your suitability, then send you information about the terms and conditions after which the documentation, onboarding and training will begin.
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