Awestruck University Application 2019
Form for the 2019 Awestruck University. University Students will be selected no later than March 1st
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In a short paragraph, describe your relationship with Jesus Christ:
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From April 1 to June 1, we ask for you to be able to be actively involved in online devotionals meant to equip, teach, and train our students. Can you think of any reason that you would not be able to donate 30 minutes a week on accountability and prayer? *
What strengths has the Lord blessed you with in the areas of training and equipment youth? *
Being a servant leader requires you to ask of yourself the difficult questions, to know how you can improve. What are three of your greatest weaknesses? *
Would you be able to be at Awestruck Experience at all times, from noon on June 5th to 5:30 PM on July 16th? If no, please explain:
Complete availability is a huge priority on our determining of students.
Are you willing and able to fully participate in the Awestruck University Fundraising Program, understanding that the funds raised from this prgram not only go toward paying your Registration Fee, but are utilized to fund the community service portion of the Awestruck ministry? *
Do you know anyone else who would like the opportunity to be a student of Awestruck University? *
References *
Please provide us with 3 references, 1) a pastor (or other spiritual advisor), 2) a professor, teacher, or instructor, and 3) a peer. Include their full name, your relationship status with this individual, their phone number, home address, and/or e-mail address.
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