CamBRAIN Art Competition
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DEADLINE: Tuesday 19th May

Terms & Conditions:

- Entries must be original work and should comply with the international copyright laws.
- More than one entry will be accepted.
- In case of multiple authors, please specify your full names and affiliation(s) in the registration form.
- It is your responsibility to ensure that the necessary permissions are obtained in order to use content (e.g. data) in your art pieces that does not belong to you. Acknowledgements and correct attributions should be made if necessary.
- Participant(s) are responsible for providing the final physical copy of their submission (i.e. photographs must be printed out, poems and songs must be presented in the way you think is the most appropriate, etc.).
- We will be collecting art pieces after the submission deadline at a location that will be specified in due course.
- Artworks should consist of a single unit, we are unable to assemble it from multiple pieces.

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