Blount High School Academy Selection
Blount High School has four Academies: Pre-med, Medical, and Health Care Careers, Business Management and Administration, Food Wellness and Dietetics, and Industry. You must complete three classes and successfully receive a credential in order to obtain Career Tech completer status. You MUST have a 75% average in Math and Science to be in the Health Science program.

DIRECTIONS: Select a Pathway from the list below (MAKE ONLY ONE SELECTION). If you are interested in "The Arts" under Human Services; YOU MUST CHOOSE ANOTHER Pathway to obtain a credential.

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Pre-Med, Medical, Health Care Careers
Business Management Administration
Human Services
*If you select Performing or Visual Arts you must select a second pathway. What is your second pathway choice? If you did not select "The Arts" pathway write NA in the space provided. *
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Faulkner Career Tech Center (FCTC)
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