CEC Reopening Pulse Survey                                    華人傳道會 - 教會重開調查問卷                                                                  
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Greetings! Thank you for taking this short 5-10 minute survey that will help us understand your current feelings towards the next steps of reopening CEC for service and ministry.  To note, questions with a red asterisk indicate a required response.Thank you for participating in this confidential survey!

你好! 為了瞭解你對教會重開的意見, 請填好這份僅需五至十分鐘的保密調查問卷.
 注意: 有紅色標點的問題請必須作答.      謝謝你的參與!
1. What is your name? (Optional) 姓名 (自願)
2. What is your email? (Optional) 電郵地址 (自願)                                                          
3. How long have you been attending services at CEC? 你參加華人傳道會聚會有多久 ? *
4. What is your age? (Optional)    年齡 (自願)
5. What service do you regularly attend? You can select more than one option.                                              你通常參加那堂聚會? (可選擇一個或以上) *
6. Which best describes your attitude towards returning to in-person worship service at CEC?            你對重回華人傳道會參加崇拜有何感想? *
7. If we resumed in-person services in the Fall (early September), would you be okay with that?                     如果教會在九月初重開, 你是否同意? *
8. What prerequisite(s) need to occur to make you feel it is safe to come back to a physical worship service? (select all that apply, All, or None of these) 你認為要符合什麼先決條件, 才會是安全的重開? (請選所有適合措施) *
9. What precautions do you plan to take when you return to a worship service? (select all that apply, All, or None of these) 當你重回教會時, 你將會採取什麼預防措施? 可選擇一個或以上 (請選所有適合措施) *
10. How do you feel about wearing a protective face mask during service?                                          你對在崇拜時戴口罩有什麼看法? *
11. What actions do you expect CEC to implement to provide a safe and healthy campus? (select all that apply, All, or None of these) 你期待教會有什麼措施, 維護教會安全和健康環境? (請選所有適合措施) *
12. If we had a 'safety team' would you like to volunteer to be a part of it? (Set-up signs, direct traffic, wipe down surfaces, etc.) 假如教會成立一個安全小組 (例如放置標示牌, 指揮交通,清潔接觸地方等) 你會加入嗎? *
If "Yes," please email jimyee@cec-sd.org with your first and last name and contact information (email or phone)
13. Agree or disagree - "As a first step towards meeting at the church campus, I would be satisfied if each congregation could rotate to meet on the campus at least once a month."                                                                 同意或不同意 - "教會重開的第一歩, 每堂崇拜最少輪流每冃一次 *
14. What type of gathering(s) would you prefer attending after reopening? (Select more than one if applicable) 教會重開後, 你會参加甚麼聚會? -- (可選其一或以上) *
15.  Do you expect the church to offer Sunday children's (Kids Connect)  and student ministries (Middle, High, and College) if we resume worship services?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               教會重開後, 你會期待教會提供兒童, 初中, 髙中 和大學生 主日學嗎 ? *
16. If you have other comments or concerns, please share below:                                                                             若你有其他提議或問題請分享
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