Ecole Poirer Elementary Active Transportation Survey
Following up on last year's Active and Safe Routes to School Program, we would like to find out what resources or programs would help the Poirier school community to find active ways of travel to and from school.

Walking and biking to school have many benefits for families and school staff:
- It provides children with a healthy, social, and environmentally friendly way of getting to school
- Children walking can take pressure of the parents in the morning, and learn “road sense”
- More families walking improves safety and reduces air pollution near the school
- Active travelers arrive at school awake, alert, and ready to learn!

How does your child usually travel to school?
Are you interested in having your child(ren) WALK to school?
Are you interested in having your child(ren) BIKE to school?
What resources would support your child(ren) to walk or bike to/from school?
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