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It's Teacher Appreciation Week...which should be EVERY week, right?!

We know that having one or more supportive adult at school makes a world of difference for LGBTQ+ youth. We'd like to shine a spotlight on some of the amazing educators (classroom teachers and school staff) who have worked hard to make schools a place where LGBTQ+ feel seen and affirmed. We'll spotlight as many of them as we can on social media over the next few weeks.

Just fill out the short form below and we'll do our best to reach out to them and get their okay to spotlight them. Your nomination can be anonymous to them or you can give us permission to let them know. We won't share your name publicly unless you give us permission.

AND: Three (3) educators will be drawn at random to receive a GSAFE social justice hoodie, just because YOU nominated them.
Who are you?
What's your email and/or phone #? Which ever is the best way to reach you.
Tell us about an educator who makes or made a difference for LGBTQ+ youth in WI schools. Please give us a short (1-3 sentence) quote about why this educator is awesome and/or how they make LGBTQ+ youth seen and affirmed at school. If you can please provide their full name and the school and school district they teach or taught in. Thanks!
Is it okay to let the person you mention above know that you were the one who nominated them?
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Is it okay to use your name (first name) when we give the person you nominated a public shout out?
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