O4H Peace & Democracy Champions of Change 
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The O4H-CIED Georgetown University Certificate Program serves as a worldwide academic diplomacy platform for embracing Olympism, democracy actualization and humanism as a peacebuilding platform and an enabler for the UN SDGs, children’s rights and responsibilities, equity and integrity, community regeneration and resilience. 

The vision is to develop “Champions of Change” across the globe with knowledge and tools on how to effectively design and deliver conflict transformation, democracy actualization and sustainable development ventures, inspired and guided by the universality of the Olympic World Cultural Heritage.

Mastering Champions of Change & Olympism in Action Skills & Competencies

Program participants will gain an in-depth understanding and master practical skills and competencies to establish and deliver impactful events, programs, and curricula. Through this training, participants will develop a personal portfolio that will entail a toolkit and resources to Champion ventures that address current community needs and challenges. The aim is to promote systemic and collective change across agencies by creating peaceful, inclusive, caring, and resilient democratic communities that are physically active, culturally sensitive, and civically engaged. Certificate Program participants will:

  • Internalize virtues of humanity, freedom, and democracy- and build a robust profile and skillset for high-competitive academic excellence and scholarship
  • Enrich their resume for further academic and professional advancements
  • Be part of a worldwide Academic Diplomacy network of likeminded peers committed to Championing Change across fragile regions and communities
  • Gain proficiency and practical skills and competencies on the role of Olympism and Sport as important enablers of the Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Gain proficiency and in-depth understanding of how to manage and coordinate the establishment and delivery of impactful Olympism in Action programs
  • Build a toolkit and a rich Olympism in Society portfolio of replicable intercultural education activities, teaching and fundraising material, Monitoring and Evaluation tools and community-driven curricula
  • Become proficient in Olympism for Humanity (O4H) Literacy and gain the essential knowledge, skills and competencies to meet the challenges of the 21st Century
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