Community Health Professions Academy (CHPA) 2020 Application
Please complete the required areas of the application by the priority deadline:

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis after the deadline until December 8th. Priority is granted to those that submit by December 1st. The CHPA Program is on select Saturday's from January to May.

Read the instructions carefully and take your time completing the application correctly!

You will be notified of your acceptance no later than Friday, December 20th.
Please note that this is the official CHPA 2020 Application and all submitted answers are final.


You will also have the opportunity to apply to the Urban Oral Health Promotores Program.
(Note: You MUST be bilingual in the Spanish and English language.)

Urban Oral Health Promotores will:
• Learn how to navigate the healthcare system
• Play a major role with educating and assisting patients with referrals
• Interact with college students who aim to become health professionals
• Become a Community Health Worker in the Washington State Department of Health
• Assist patients during outreach events at Casa Latina and the Mexican Consulate
• Participate on a few lectures through the Summer Health Professions Education Program
• Stipend provided for clinical and community health care participation

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