2019-2020 School Organizational Team Parent Member Election
It is time to elect your parent members for the School Organizational Team (SOT.) The parent member election survey may only be completed once for each student enrolled at Escobedo MS. Your candidates are:

Rachel Calderon would like to have the opportunity to serve this school. Her children's education is very important to her. She previously served at Bozarth Elementary School.

Eileen Eady is a former teacher and involved parent. She is committed to helping make the school experience great for all students and staff. She has served on PTOs in the past and taught in urban, rural, and suburban school districts. Ms. Eady would like you to consider allowing her to be your voice on the School Organizational Team.

Amy Lahav currently serves on the SOT. Her goal is to help the Escobedo administration provide more and more opportunities for the kids. She believes her experience last year on the SOT will be very helpful this coming year in helping our teachers and staff do that.

Shelby Valdez want to serve on SOT because she wants to be more involve in her son's school and activities.
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