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As per our house rules we kindly request you to fill in this form.

Upon submitting this form you agree to be accompanied by the host resident at all times and adhere to the rules of Helen Lowry Hall contained within the Student Handbook and Policies and Procedures Manual (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-GJbktlKfQm2czANOs49qaRPqTig-XnE/view?usp=sharing).

Hope you have a great time during your visit :)

Thank you for your cooperation.

Note to host resident:
You may have one guest at a time and the guest may not stay for more than three consecutive nights. All overnight guests should be above 18 years old. All guest request must be received no later than 24 hours prior to guest arrival

Please ensure that you sign in any guest via this form
9:00am-5:00pm: Just sign in at the time
5:00pm - 10:30pm: During office hours including on the day of your visitor's arrival
Overnight: At least 24 hours in advance of your visitor's arrival
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Please note:-The over night pass needs to be completed no less than 24 hours before arrival as permission will need to be given from the Head or Deputy Head of Hall. .
If your guest wants to eat at Helen Lowry Hall, please indicate which meals so we can allocate them a meal card. Breakfast is $6, lunch is $8 and dinner at Helen Lowry Hall is 10$. *
Terms and Conditions*
Remember you are fully responsible for your guests’ actions while he/she is in the building. If your guest causes damage you are liable for full costs. As a resident of the Hall you must not let your guest have access to your keys. You must accompany your guest at all times. Helen Lowry hall have the right to ask your guest to see their guest pass. Helen Lowry Staff have the right to ask your guest to leave if they are violating Helen Lowry Hall Guidelines.
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