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We'll set you up with another more experienced author to support you on your author journey. They'll be there for everything. The good, the bad and all the stuff in between.

- Support with the writing process.
- Guidance in finding a great editor.
- Encouragement with finding reviewers.
- A little bit of wisdom when it comes to distribution sites.
- An ear to hear your concerns.
- A brain to pick for ideas.
- Someone to answer your questions.

They'll be there to share in your wins and to pick you up again when things don't go quite to plan. They'll be able to share their own experience with you; what worked for them and what didn't. After all someone wise once said that it's better to learn from someone else's mistakes instead of your own.

When you have completed the timeline of your mentorship programme, we imagine you'll have made a life long friend who will never be far away. You'll never walk alone again.

GOLD Mentorship - $240
A year long mentorship programme designed specifically to meet your needs. Perfect for authors who are just starting out and for established authors alike.

SILVER Mentorship - $150
A six month mentorship programme, that meets you where you are at. Brand new? Your mentor will support you to kick start your author journey. Stuck in a bit of a bog? Your mentor will help you get back on your feet. Not seeing the results you want? Your mentor will give you some new ideas to help you reach your goals!

BRONZE Mentorship - $30
A month long mentorship programme designed specifically for those times when you need a little bit of extra support like the release of your new book.

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Within 48 hours one of our mentors will be in touch to begin your mentorship journey.

You will receive an invoice via PayPal. Depending on the chosen programme, you may be able to pay in instalments:
Bronze - $30 - will need to be paid up front.
Silver - $150 - $75 (50%) will need to be paid up front and the remainder must be paid within the first 2 months of the programme.
Gold - $240 - $120 (50%) will need to be paid up front and the remainder must be paid within the first 4 months of the programme.
Failure to pay the second instalment will result in an immediate end to your mentorship programme and potentially a loss of your membership discount.

It is our policy that at least 50% of all payments must be paid prior to any service being provided by our team of consultants. It acts as a deposit, guaranteeing the remainder of your payment and will not be returned if you cancel your purchase. This is to compensate the consultant managing your service request for time lost.

Thank you!
Thank you for your request. One of our consultants will be in touch as soon as possible to confirm your request. If you do not hear from a member of our consultancy team within the next 48 hours, please feel free to contact us at
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