JT Summer ECO Market 2020
Please be sure to read carefully our application/contract below. Contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns. We will be in contact with you to let you know if you have been accepted :)

We are excited to hold our 3rd annual ECO event at Jackson Triggs Winery, Niagara on the Lake. This event will be held in the natural outdoors amongst the vineyard, under a very large covered tent (40x100) on Saturday July 11, from 11am-4pm.

8x4 tables will be provided and designed by the hosts (Simply Green Mums). This event will host over 40 vendors.
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*Food & Drink sales only. If you are selling any food/drink items, you have contacted and have proof of inspection by the Ministry of Health *
I understand that $100 dollars (per vendor spot) is required for this event, advertising, and table rental. My Non-refundable payment is required seven (7) days after acceptance of application, or I will surrender my spot. *
I agree to arrive by 10am to set up all necessary items for the event so I am fully prepared to start by 11am on Saturday. I will also be responsible for the take down of my set up at 4pm and no earlier. *
I understand and will follow, comply and respect the guidelines and restrictions of the grounds of Jackson Triggs Winery. *
I understand that by participating in the SIMPLY GREEN MUMS event, I am exhibiting my work at my own risk. Simply Green Mums or Jackson Triggs Winery will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items or for personal injury or death. *
I agree to share all professional promo posters on social media, and include a description of my products/company on the event FB page *
I agree to provide a brief description of my services/products that will be shared on Simply Green Mums website. Please see my write up below. *
I will provide a *jpeg image that will be used in conjunction with the above write up to be shared on the Simply Green Mums website (Please email the picture, one, to simplygreenmums@gmail.com) *
I agree to share a product/service from my company with Simply Green Mums, that will be used for promotional reasons such as the raffle baskets at the entrance. Please share with us what you can provide. *
Cancellation Policy: There will be absolutely no credits/refunds after payment is complete. Please respond if you agree (ex. yes, I agree, I understand etc.) *
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