Western Massachusetts Virtual Buried in Treasures (vBIT) Workshop Application
Thank you for contacting us about joining our upcoming virtual Buried in Treasures Workshop! vBIT is based on the self-help book, "Buried in Treasures; Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving, and Hoarding, 2nd edition."

This application is specifically for residents of Western MA. If you live outside of this region, please contact us at www.mutual-support.com to request the general application.

This application will help us get to know you better and ensure that this group is a match for your needs and that you have the technical abilities to attend this online group. We will be in touch once we've reviewed your form.

All information provided in this application will be kept strictly confidential by the workshop facilitators, Lee Shuer and Becca Belofsky.
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There is no charge to join this group; it is sponsored by the Western Mass Hoarding Disorder Resource Network. You will need a copy "Buried in Treasures, 2nd edition" before we start. It's available to purchase on Amazon.com or you can talk to your local book seller. You will need to write in it, so a paperback copy is better than an e-reader copy. Will you be able to acquire this before the first session? *
We will enroll the first 10 eligible applicants on a first-come-first-served basis. If there isn't room for you to join this BIT Workshop, would you like to be added to the waitlist and alerted about future offerings? Groups will not necessarily be free, the cost is $250 for the 16 sessions if we don't have a sponsor. *
vBIT is not intended to serve the following people or purposes: 1. vBIT is not a class on "how to get organized." 2. vBIT is not a place for academics, clinicians, professional organizers or other interested parties to learn about people with HD and clutter. 3. vBIT is not a form of group therapy 4. vBIT is not intended for family members and friends of people with HD and clutter. Unless an accommodation is requested, participants will join the group independently. 5. vBIT is for people ready to work on their HD and clutter, not as a form of mandated treatment. 6. We do not promise that your home will be "done" by the end of 16 weeks. You will probably still have work you want to complete. Clutter didn't happen overnight, and it won't "go away" overnight. In fact, the goal of the program is NOT to get you to discard all your stuff! Your goals are up to you to set. Do you still want to join? *
All vBIT members, including facilitators, actively participate in vBIT discussions, as well as completing reading and activity assignments between sessions. Are you comfortable participating fully? *
Sessions are 2 hours long with a 10 minute break in the middle. Due to concerns about COVID-19, you will not be asked to do any activities outside your home, though you may if you want to. All activities are adapted for virtual and in-home application. Safety first! Will this work for you? *
The Buried in Treasures Workshop is about more than clutter. It is about gaining insight, perspective, peer support, strategies, and staying motivated to meet the challenges of living with HD. Sometimes the work we do is hard because it's personal, but it's worth it! We will never ask you to share anything that you're not comfortable telling us or the group. In fact, all sharing is voluntary! Are you ready to move forward? *
Each week you will fill out a form like this one to report on your progress with the assignments. Are you comfortable doing this as well as using Google Docs? (This form is a type of Google Doc, so if you feel comfortable completing it you can say "yes.")
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vBIT is held online. The start date for this offering is February 25th, 2021 and ends 16 weeks later (June 10th.) Sessions will be run on Thursdays from 1-3 PM. The first session is required and we expect that everyone can commit to attend all 16 sessions. Will that be possible? *
Our vBIT sessions will be conducted on Zoom. You will be expected to use your webcam so that we can all see each other as if we were all together in the same room. You will need a quiet, private space and a strong internet connection. Can you do that? *
How are challenges with clutter impacting you? *
Have you tried to overcome your clutter challenges on your own or with the help of someone else? *
If you answered "yes" to the above question - please explain what you tried and why you felt that it did not work - or - what you felt was helpful.
Privacy is very important. Our groups commit to the guideline "What's said here, stays here." Do you agree to keep other group members' information and the Zoom meeting link private? Breaking this agreement could lead to dismissal from the group. *
How did you hear about the group?
Are you willing to contribute your anonymous outcomes to our research database? Answering "No" or "Maybe" will not reduce your chances of being registered, and you may withdraw your info at any time should you change your mind.
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The final step in this process is a 15-minute Zoom conversation with the facilitators to review your application and answer any questions you may have. We will contact you to arrange a meeting time.
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Do you have any questions or anything else that you'd like to share?
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