Evaluation - Introduction to KPMG
Thank you for participating at KPMG' presentation during Kontaktdagarna 2020! We truly hope that you enjoyed the event and that we will meet you again in future events (hopefully in person next time).

To be able to develop and better future events, we would greatly appreciate it if you could take 2 minutes to answer the questions below. Your answers are of great value to us - with your help we can continue to offer students interesting events that will help them gain knowledge and make them more ready for life after graduating.

Again, thank you for participating!
How satisfied were you with the event?
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Very satisfied
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How interactive was the event?
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How informative was the event?
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How challenging was the event?
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Has KPMG grown in your eyes as a future employer?
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Which part of the presentation did you like the most?
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Other thoughts about the event? What do you think can be improved?
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