2020 NWLA Tournament Team Application
Apply to get your spot in the 2020 National Wiffle League Association Tournament!

9th Annual NWLA Tournament
Indianapolis, IN
September 18-20, 2020
Official Requirements
The following categories are required by the Host Committee of the NWLA Tournament. Failure to answer the following questions will result in your league being denied entry to the Tournament.
Official League Name *
Main City/State of League *
Is your league recognized and listed with updated information on the National Wiffle website? *
What is your official league website? *
How many teams are expected to participate in your league for the 2020 season? *
Please post a link to your league's season schedule. *
Please post a link to your league's list of teams. *
Please post a link to your league's list of players. *
Please post a link to your league's statistics page. *
Please post a link to the location of your league's videos (Youtube, Persicope, etc.) *
Will you be able to pay the $300 registration fee by June 1st? *
Do you grant us permission to use your league logo as we deem appropriate in promotional materials? *
What will be your team's name for the tournament? *
Will you have a team logo, separate from your league logo that you will make available for promotional materials? *
Will you have specific uniforms with player numbers for the team participating in the tournament? *
NON AUTO-QUALIFIED TEAMS: In the event that we receive more than 20 applications for teams, the Committee will be responsible for selecting teams to fill the remaining spots. What makes your league stand out?
If you do not meet any of the above requirements, please explain your reasoning and what is being done to remedy the situation.
Related Information
Please provide the following information about your league.
Tentatively, when would your team arrive to Indianapolis, IN for Nationals? *
How will you determine which team member is your Home Run Derby representative? *
How will you determine which team member is your All Star Game representative? *
How many roster players do you plan on bringing? (At least 4, at most 8) *
How many non-players (fans, coaches, media) do you plan on bringing? (Coaches must be listed on the official roster in order to be allowed into the bench area) *
Who is the main contact for your league? This person will be the one who the Committee will contact for all Tournament matters, so please list the correct person. Please provide NAME, CELL PHONE, and EMAIL. *
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