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The Garden Cooperative Nursery School
3602 Eagle Rock Boulevard, la ca 90065
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A community of parents dedicated to early childhood enrichment established our cooperative nursery school in September 2002. The child development philosophy and theoretical underpinnings of our school are detailed in our informational folder available at school tours and upon request, and on our website. Here are some logistical facts you might find helpful as you look for the school that best fits your family's needs.

* The Garden serves students from approximately ages **2 to 5.5
* The Garden's basic hours of operation are from 9 am to 12:30 pm. An Afternoon Enrichment program until 2:30 for children 3.5 is available several days a week, depending on need.
* The Garden's paid staff is one Teacher/Director and three part-time Teachers.
* The Garden is a cooperative school. One parent comes from each member family one day a week to work with the teachers and children. Parent workday hours are from 8:30 to 1:30, as parents will help set up and clean up on those days. Workday responsibilities also include providing a portion of the snack for the community that day (fresh, yummy, minimally processed, sugar-free and preferably organic foods).
* The Garden has up to 30 member families and no more than 24 children at the school each day. With 2 teachers and 5 or 6 parents on site each day, the adult to child ratio is a little less than 1:4.
* In addition to workday responsibilities, parents participate in one maintenance day and one housekeeping day, held throughout the year. Parents also take on a “family job” to help keep the school running smoothly (i.e., maintenance, curriculum assistance, finance, fundraising, etc) which can be time-consuming (and fun.) Finally, parents are expected to participate in fundraising for the school, with a required goal of each family bringing in at least $500 of additional income to the school through selling tickets to events and other activities.
* Tuition information is included in this packet. We have a scholarship program (see scholarship application for details)
* The Garden is a non-profit organization governed by a member elected Board of Directors drawn from parents of member families in consultation with the Teacher/Director and Teacher when appropriate.

**If your child is 2 by September 1, 2020 but not 2.5, he/she still qualifies for Fall 2020 admission. However, you will need to attend with your child until he/she is 2.5.

Email address *
Membership Fees 2020-2021 School Year
$316.00 enrollment commitment fee (gets applied to the first month of tuition—see terms below)
$500.00 tuition deposit (one time, refundable upon leaving the school or applicable toward last month)
$45.00 registration fee (billed once)
$41.00 Music Together fee (billed twice annually)
$15.00 earthquake supplies fee (one time)
$25.00 accident insurance fee (paid annually)
______ tuition* (first month should be paid before student begins)

Tuition rates
$326 per month for three days per week
$368 per month for four days per week
$410 per month for five days per week

______ TOTAL

Please note that these fees are in addition to the $45.00 application fee.

A $316 enrollment commitment fee is due upon accepting enrollment at our school. We offer a 100% refund if you decide not to attend and it is more than 90 days notice from the start of school. 75% with 60-90 days notice, 50% with 30-60 days notice and 0% if less than 30 days. The start of school is typically the Tuesday after Labor Day.

After your first month, tuition will be billed monthly, 11 months of the year.
Scholarship program available. Please inquire about our application form.
If a family is interested in membership, they can contact the External Membership Chairperson to schedule attendance at one of the school tours to learn more about our school’s program and philosophy. The enrollment process proceeds as follows:
• Attend a school tour.
• Complete and submit an application.
• Attend a visit day at the school.
• Interview with Membership Chair and Teacher/Director.
Initial offers of membership will be made in early to mid-March. Additional spaces, especially for older children, can and often do become available in late spring or over the summer.

Enrollment shall be available to anyone without discrimination as to race, color, creed, or political beliefs. The Board may give special consideration to families that meet the following criteria:
• Families already connected with the school.
• Families that will enhance the cultural and social diversity of the school.
• Families that provide gender and age balance to the student population.
• Families with special needs or families that would be particularly active and enthusiastic participants in the co-op.

In addition, applications may be rejected if the Board feels that the parents will not fulfill the duties of membership. Some reasons for rejecting an application might be:
• The parents are not able to do a workday or attend meetings.
• The parents are not in agreement with the school's philosophy of continuity between home and school in regards to parenting style and discipline.
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