2017 NEPA BlogCon Call for Presenters & Roundtable Leaders
We're looking for movers and shakers for 2017 in our sixth consecutive year of innovating and building the region's only blogging and social media conference. Submit your pitch for either a 20 minute session or a 30-40 minute roundtable discussion led by you! Any questions, let us know at nepablogcon@gmail.com!

Remember: sessions are designed to be more classroom-style and will be for all attendees. Roundtable discussions are designed to be more conversational and will be for smaller groups of attendees!

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In 150 to 250 words, outline your presentation or the roundtable you'd like to lead. Be sure to note what you plan to cover, what the key takeaways of the session are, and what attendees can expect as part of the session. Remember - this is a pitch, so sell us on why this session would be a great fit for this year's conference! :)
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In the event of an presenter emergency cancellation, you could be called upon to fill a time slot. We will try to give at least 24 hours notice prior to the day of the event.
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