GNPS Member Outreach Survey
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During the COVID crises, all of GNPS activities have taken place on Zoom. Zoom can also be used with family and friends. Do you know how to use Zoom? *
Do you need help with anything now, during the COVID crisis? Please list what you need help with. If you don't need any help, just respond "No". *
If you joined GNPS for a reason, are you getting what you expected? (If you are, just respond "Yes". If not, please tell us what you expected.) *
Do you participate in activities of GNPS? (If you do, please just respond "Yes". If you do not, please let us know why not.) *
Would you like GNPS to offer more of some activity? If so, please list them.
Would you like to do more for GNPS, such as coordinate a group or be on a committee? If yes, what would you like to do?
Do you have any needs or concerns that we should advocate for when we meet with government officials. If yes, please list.
Do you think we should continue using Zoom for meetings and activities (some or all) even after the crisis is over? *
Have you completed the census? *
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