2016 AJET speed editing sign-up sheet
This form is now closed.

HOWEVER, you can STILL SIGN UP at the conference registration desk for a session with an AJET editor.


These short, sharp, speed editing sessions will allow prospective authors to discuss with an Editor of AJET an idea for a paper that could be submitted to the journal.

There are approximately only 12 slots. We will allocate slots on a 'first come' basis.

This form is now closed, but you can still sign up for a session by going to the conference registration desk.

Additional queries should be directed to e.heinrich@massey.ac.nz.


Authors need to bring along a maximum one page summary of their proposal using the following template:

1. Proposed title

2. Background to the problem addressed in the paper
- Why is the problem significant in educational technology?
- How does this study contribute to advancing knowledge in educational technology?

2. Research problem, aim or question this study addresses
- What are the specifics of the study?

3. Methodology, method, and materials
- What methodology and methods are applied in the study?
- What data have been collected?

4. Main results/findings
- What are the key points?

5. Discussion
- What are the key points?

6. Implications and overall conclusion
- How does this lead to further research, what are the theory, practice and/or policy implications?

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