Smart Taipei PoC 媒合申請表單 Smart Taipei PoC Matchmaking Application Form
臺北市政府(以下簡稱「北市府」)資訊局為落實發展智慧城市理念,協助民間於臺北市進行解決方案場域實驗試辦,進而協助發展智慧城市產業商業模式、拓展城鄉與國際間行銷,並進一步提升資通訊產值,於2015年成立「臺北智慧城市專案辦公室」( Taipei Smart City Project Management Office, 簡稱TPMO),作為公私協力的合作橋樑。

若您有創新技術/產品/服務,希望能藉由TPMO的協助於臺北市的場域進行概念性實證(Proof of Concept, 簡稱PoC),請先填妥此份表單,TPMO的人員將會與您聯繫。

In order to implement the concept of development for a smart city, assist the private sector in conducting empirical trials in Taipei City to assist the development of smart city industrial business model, expand urban and international marketing, and further enhance the value of capital communication, the Department of Information Technology of the Taipei City Government (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Taipei Government’) established the ‘Taipei Smart City Project Management Office’ (short as ‘TPMO’) in 2015 as a bridge for public and private cooperation.

If you have an innovative technology/product/service that you wish to conduct a Proof of Concept (short as ‘PoC’) of in Taipei City upon assistance of the TPMO, please fill in this form, a TPMO staff member will contact you shortly.

於填寫表單前您是否同意以下PoC須知Before filling in the form, do you agree to the following PoC notices? *
是否了解無論北市府或TPMO皆無經費支援PoC?Do you know that neither the Taipei Government nor the TPMO offers funding support for PoC?
是否了解本PoC試辦計畫不保證媒合成功或取得後續合作機會?Do you know that this PoC pilot project does not guarantee success or good cooperative opportunities?
是否了解最終實際合作內容以雙方(北市府局處與貴單位)共識為主,TPMO無法保證合作順利?Do you know that the actual content of cooperation is based on the consensus of both parties (Department under the Taipei Government and your organization), and the TPMO cannot guarantee a smooth cooperation between the two?
是否同意連結中的個資隱私與資安保護條款( you agree to the personal privacy and security protection clauses in the link below: (
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