Phoenix Fan Fusion Photography Session
I am thrilled to work with you and bring your cosplay to life! Please fill out all of the questions below and feel free to email us at with any questions of your own.
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Your cosplay/s that we'll be photographing *
Please list the character and the movie, book, game that it originates from. This will allow me to create a visual dialogue of the cosplay and will help us create some truly amazing images.
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Cosplay social media/website *
Please list your social media channels and website, so we can properly tag you in our social media broadcast with the finished artwork.
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Collaborating with other artists?
If your cosplay involves commissioned work from other artists and you would like to have them tagged in the broadcast, list them here. Sharing their work on social media is a fantastic way to help them secure more customers and earn the living needed to keep following their craft. Please list first what they made/did and then their preferred social media account/s. For example: Photographer - IG @realityreimagined
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Preferred day and time for our session
I only take limited slots, so I can be a little flexible with timing. I break the day into three parts - morning, afternoon or evening. The last official day of the con I do not have an evening slot available. Please list the day and the part of the day you prefer and I will send you a specific time that is available. If that range of time is filled, I will communicate that to you and offer you the next available time. YOUR SESSION IS NOT CONFIRMED until you agree in writing (via email) to the specific day and time.
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Model Release *
For consideration of my engagement as a model, and for other good and valuable consideration which I acknowledge as having been received, I, authorize the Photographer to use and to create images for promotional material, online usage, commercial usage and other areas of marketability. I acknowledge that I am 18 years of age or older and have full rights to enter and sign into this agreement with Reality Reimagined. I further authorize the distribution of photographs to potential clients of the Photographer for commercial use purposes under a commercial license agreement. I agree and understand that the photos will be taken digitally. I, further acknowledge that I will not be compensated, either now or at any time in the future, for any use of marketing and that the Photographer of such photos exclusively owns all rights. I acknowledge and agree that Photographer shall have the exclusive, perpetual and irrevocable right to take, use, re-use, publish and republish photographic materials which contain my image. I hereby acknowledge and agree that photographer may modify, change, or alter such images without restriction. I hereby acknowledge and agree that the photographs created by the photographer shall become and remain the exclusive property of Photographer, and that I retain no rights to said photographs unless specified particularly in this agreement. These standard edited images will be featured on some or all of the social media and online platforms used by Reality Reimagined, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, 500px, Twitter and website. Any other creation featuring images obtained during the session with the photographer are the exclusive property of the photographer and Reality Reimagined and I understand that I have no rights or claims to the images or digital files. I also hereby waive all rights and claims and release the photographer from any claim or cause of action, whether now known or unknown, relating to the sale, display, license, use and exploitation of the photos. I hereby covenant and agree that I shall not bring any action or proceeding or maintain a complaint against the photographer in any court of law, state or local, or before any administrative body, related in any way whatsoever, to the use of the photographs.I also consent to the use of my own name or any fictitious name, which may be chosen in connection with the aforesaid photographs. I hereby release any and all claims whatsoever in connection with the use of my photograph and name and the reproduction thereof as aforesaid.I hereby waive any right that I may have to inspect and/or approve the photographs or any advertising copy that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied.I expressly acknowledge that photographer may sell, utilize or authorize for use the images created by the photographer in marketing campaigns for products, public service announcements and campaigns with which I may not personally agree. It is agreed that the laws of the State of Arizona shall govern the validity, construction, and performance of this agreement, and any resulting arbitration shall take place within Maricopa County, Arizona. Wherever possible, each provision of this agreement shall be interpreted so that it is valid under applicable law. If any provision of this agreement is held illegal or unenforceable, that provision will be reformed only to the extent necessary to make the provision legal and enforceable; all remaining provisions continue in full force and effect.
Cancellation & refunds *
In the event that you have to cancel your session we will issue a full refund of the invoice, as long as the cancellation occurs in writing to Reality Reimainged via our main email address of AND is sent to us no later than five business days before the first official day of the convention. No refunds will be given if the cancellation occurs within five business days of the first official day of the convention. However a credit will be kept on file and you have up to one calendar year from the official final day of the convention to schedule a future slot with Reality Reimagined at another convention we will be attending. If you are late to your appointment, miss it or are a no show, no refunds will be given, but we will do our best to offer you another time slot within the remaining days of the convention.
What next? *
Once you submit your session request, you will be emailed an invoice and time slot within 24 hours. You will have three days to pay the invoice online, from the date it is issued. If you do not pay the invoice in time, it will be canceled and the slot will be open to the next cosplayer. Please email us directly at with any questions you may have. Please be sure to include your full name, name of the cosplay and the con you are attending.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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