Request for Listing of Digital Solutions
SGTech and IMDA would like to rally the ICT community to bring together a list of technology solutions, including discounted offers where relevant, to help enterprises address the business challenges arising from COVID-19.

Please note that solutions submitted are subject to review before being listed on the Digital Solutions Directory. A successful listing does not imply that the solution is endorsed by SGTech and IMDA and should not be marketed as such at any point in time.

Prerequisites to list:
(1) Solution helps SMEs with business continuity during the COVID-19 situation and falls within the following categories:
- Remote working (online collaboration, virtual meetings)
- Visitor management (contact tracing, queue management, temperature screening)
- Bill and pay online (e-invoicing, e-payment)
- Sell online (e-commerce, digital marketing)
(2) Solution is suitable for SMEs;
(3) URL must contain the special offer/pricing; and
(4) URL must have contact information

SGTech and IMDA shall solely at their own discretion, determine the duration of the listing, frequency of update, delisting of offering and any other decisions required without the need to give any reason for such decisions, to ensure the list fulfils its original intent to help businesses affected by the outbreak.

We thank you for stepping forward to help.
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4. Description of the solution *
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6. Regular pricing for the solution *
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7. What is the special offer in response to CoVid-19? *
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8. Which is/are the target sector(s) for the solution? *
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9. How soon can the solution be implemented? *
10. What is your current capacity of the implementation team? *
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11. Is your solution open-API enabled? *
12. URL to solution (The webpage should contain clear info on pricing and special rates/discounts/free trial period, to be considered for directory listing.) *
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13. Name of contact person for clarification purpose *
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