7th Grade Star Party Volunteer Sign-Up
At the Star Party, Acton and Boxborough 7th graders and their parents become astronomers for a night. This year's Star Party will take place on Monday, November 5 6-8:30 pm @Parker Damon Building, Acton. The Star Party has indoor and outdoor components. AB PIP STEM needs parent and student (grades 7+) volunteers to set up, host the stations, clean up, and bring food. No experience necessary.

BRING YOUR TELESCOPE - We are also looking for volunteers to bring additional telescopes. Please indicate your availability below under "Telescopes."

PLEASE NOTE - This year's Star Party will take place on Monday November 5th regardless of the weather. Even if star viewing is not optimal, we will still have several indoor events. Please note in the comments any scheduling issues.

Thank you for volunteering! We will send you a confirmation email 2 days before the event. Please save the date!

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RJ Grey students: please do not enter your abschools address, as those accounts are not accessible outside of school. You can enter a parent email if desired.
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There are four volunteer shifts between 4:30 and 9:30 PM. Please check off all shifts you are available to work. Then state the preferred NUMBER of shifts you would like to work.
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If you have a telescope and can assist kids in viewing the night sky, please let us know how long you can stay (check one, two or all three time periods).
We provide chili and cornbread for the volunteer astronomers, as well as cookies and cocoa for the students. Contributions are welcome but not mandatory!
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We will send you a confirmation email 2 days before the event. Please mark your calendar.
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