Learner Satisfaction Survey for Distance Learners
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1. Induction programme conducted by the CDOE was useful *
2. The study material for the programme was comprehensive and easy to understand with useful illustrations of concepts and examples *
3. The assignments were very useful in grasping of the content given in the Study Material *
4. The academic counselling facilitated the understanding of study material provided to you *
5. The academic counsellors were qualified and well prepared for conducting the counselling sessions to your satisfaction *
6. The CDOE adhered to schedule of admissions and term end examinations *
7. The counselling sessions helped you to clear your doubts and obtain greater clarity *
8. The learner centric methods used by the CDOE improved your problem solving skills, employability skills, life skills and made you ready for the world of work *
9. Online services provided to you were easily accessible and useful *
10. The internal assessment through assignments was fair and transparent *
11. Your queries were promptly addressed by the CDOE *
12. The term end examination was conducted fairly and the sanctity of the examination was maintained *
13. The results of term end examinations were declared on time *
14. The academic programme which you are pursuing, had all the requisite academic content to achieve the expected competency *
15. Online / ICT resources (audio/video lessons and radio interactions) were useful for supplementing the teaching learning process *
16. The grievance redressal mechanism of the CDOE was effective *
17. The information available on the University website/mobile app was useful *
18. The study material provided was useful *
19. You received the Self Learning Materials on regular basis *
20. How will you rate the overall teaching-learning experience in the CDOE? *
21. a) Kindly provide your honest opinion on the CDOE in terms of its strengths and weaknesses *
21. b) Kindly give your suggestions for the improvement of the functioning of CDOE *
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