RaCAS Mini-Symposium Application
The Research and Creative Activities Symposium (RaCAS) Planning Committee is now accepting proposals from CU Denver undergraduate and graduate students for mini-symposia to be held as part of the 21st Annual Research and Creative Activities Symposium (RaCAS) on Friday, 27 April 2018.

A mini-symposium is envisioned as being a session of 4-6 coordinated presentations on a single topic of substantial current interest and importance. It is normally two hours long. Following a brief introduction by the organizer, each speaker will generally have 12 minutes for presentation, with an additional three minutes for discussion. However, other formats will gladly be considered, such as readings of variable length or lightening talks. Organizers will be expected to design the mini-symposium to appeal to a relatively broad audience, as well as to promote the mini-symposium and RaCAS to other students, faculty and staff.

The deadline for submitting a proposal for a RaCAS 2018 mini-symposium is 16 February; all complete proposals will be reviewed, with 6-10 selected. Applicants will be notified on approximately 23 February if their proposal has been approved for RaCAS 2018.

If you have questions about RaCAS, the mini-symposium program, or this application, please email Dr. Lindsey Hamilton at Lindsey.Hamilton@ucdenver.edu

Thank you for your interest in RaCAS!

Title of Mini-Symposium (Provide a descriptive title of no more than ten words for the mini-symposium.)
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Abstract of Mini-Symposium (Describe the proposed mini-symposium in no more than 250 words. The summary should be written to appeal to a relatively broad audience.)
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Name of Student Organizer(s) (last name, first name, middle initial)
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Email Address of Student Organizer
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Name of Faculty/Staff Mentor(s)
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Email Address of Faculty/Staff Mentor(s)
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Faculty/Staff Mentor Review and Approval (Note: A faculty or staff member must review and approve the title and abstract prior to submission.)
Mini-Symposium Format
Number of Presenters (Include organizer, if giving a presentation in addition to the introduction.)
Will the Organizer also be presenting?
Names of Presenters
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Abstract Review and Approval Note: In most cases, presenters in mini-symposium will also be required to submit individual applications to present at RaCAS.
Total Length of Mini-Symposium (including introduction):
Briefly describe your plan to design the mini-symposium to appeal to a relatively broad audience.
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How do you plan to bridge disciplines or present interdisciplinary implications?
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Excluding presenters, how many attendees do you anticipate? Note: This information will be used for rooming.
How will you promote the mini-symposium to faculty and students?
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