Jackie Robinson Project Petition
We the undersigned students at the George Washington University protest the administration’s arbitrary and unjust decision to terminate the Jackie Robinson Project at the end of the 2018-2019 academic year.

We do so in the name of the thousands of undergraduate students who have been positively impacted by the guest lecturers and panelists, museum exhibit, and the wide variety of programs that the Jackie Robinson Project has brought to our campus over the past 22 years, and in the name of the thousands of younger students across the United States who been similarly impacted, and in the name of the thousands more who would be unable to receive the same benefit if this misguided and indefensible decision was allowed to stand.

The Jackie Robinson Project has been commended by Rachel Robinson (Jackie's Widow) and Sharon Robinson (Jack’s Daughter), who have visited GW to demonstrate their support of the project.

We strenuously object to the claims of the dean’s office that the Jackie Robinson Project is “too small” to continue, or that it does not attract “big name” donors, or solicit “sizeable contributions.” We know these claims are a smokescreen that are being used as an excuse to phase out the project. We know that the Jackie Robinson Project, which as always been self funded, currently has enough money to continue for three years. And we know that there are donors waiting in the wings to donate as much money as it takes to keep this program running indefinitely. We know this because we are among those potential donors.

We also strenuously object to the GW Administration’s announced intention to divert monies donated for the specific use of the Jackie Robinson Project to other GW programs and activities. We object on moral grounds and on ethical grounds and we also believe such action is in violation of the law.

Finally, we the undersigned students at the George Washington University are appalled that the administration would even consider phasing out any project, let alone with this standing, obvious impact, and enormous potential, without interviewing a single person who has worked on this project or any person who has been impacted by its programs. This is indefensible.

Therefore, we the undersigned students at the George Washington University demand that the Dean’s Office reverse course and permit the Jackie Robinson Project to continue it's magnificent work effective immediately. GW should be proud of this program and should not be creating bogus explanations to justify its misguided efforts to phase out the program.

*This petition was created by The Jackie & Rachel Robinson Society of the George Washington University

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