Recruitment Materials Request Form
Free recruitment materials can be requested via this form. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO WHEN YOU NEED THE MATERIALS. If requests are needed in less than two weeks, please contact your District Executive rather than filling out this form. (District Executive contact information is listed towards the end of this form)
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In which district does your unit reside? *
Unit Type? *When ordering 1/4 sheet invite cards or fliers, we will provide a specific design of card based on your program type (e.g. Venture Crews will receive Venturing cards). *
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Contact name for your order? *
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When do you need your order completed? Please select a date AT LEAST TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY in order to have your order completed. *
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Name of your activity/recruitment event? (e.g. "Shoreview Parade," "Rocket Launch," or "Open House.") *
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Location of your activity/recruitment event? *
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Would you like any of the following recruitment materials? (materials are limited and the same list of materials will not be available all year long) *
How many of each (stickers, trading cards, etc.), would you like? The trading cards and stickers come in quantities of 100. (LIMIT OF 200 per item). If you would like more than 200 of a recruitment item, please contact your District Executive. *
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Would you like to request a Recruitment Banner? There are limited amounts of banners so they may not be available at the time of your order. The banner needs to be returned promptly after the recruitment event. *
How many customizable 1/4 sheet invite cards would you like to order? (Remember, we will provide invite cards based on the program type you selected above (e.g. Venture Crews will receive Venturing cards). *
How many customizable full sheet fliers would you like to order? (Remember, we will provide fliers based on the program type you selected above (e.g. Venture Crews will receive Venturing fliers). *
What information would you like printed on your customizable 1/4 sheet invite cards and/or full sheet flier? Please include: Who can join your unit, When and Where to join, What activity you are inviting potential new scouts to (should not be a meeting), and What website is best to look at for more information (example: Wording needs to be exact. We CANNOT distribute blank fliers, they must have an approved message printed on them. Type "none" if you don't want 1/4 sheet invite cards. If are left blank, your invite cards and fliers will NOT be printed. *
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Would you like to rent a Tiger or Lion suit?
Please contact our Customer Service team at to request a suit for an event! There are a limited number of suits so it is first come first served. The suits should not be used on pavement, it will wreck the feet of the costume.
Would you like to rent a Mobile Archery Range?
Here is the form to fill out:

Here are the instructions:

Here is the training manual:

Please email your completed form to your District Executive for their approval, or contact them if you have any questions.

Daniel Knutson (E): 612-261-2352

Jordyn Reichenbach (F): 612-261-2354

John McDermid (G): 612-261-2356

Jake Twaddle (H): 612-261-2346

Cheng Lee (I): 612-261-2364

Jason Zienty (J): 612-261-2347

Michael Gabiou (K): 612-261-2343

Dan Edmondson (L): 612-261-2362

Jim Bollback (M): 612-261-2344

Suzannah Stulberg-Rudesill (N): 612-261-2357

Erin Wiedenman (O): 612-261-2365

Nicole DeYoung (P): 612-261-2345

Michael Gabiou (Q): 612-261-2343

How would you like to receive your order? *
If you selected to have your order delivered, what is your preferred delivery address? Otherwise type "none." *
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