OUTreach Denton Adult Socials signup
Since we can't meet in person, we will meet online in the meantime!

To help us stay connected, we will be offering two different ways to join us online:

- Zoom: Until further notice, our adult socials will take place on Zoom which will allow us to see and/or hear each other. We'll try to play games, too! This event occurs every third Wednesday of the month from 6pm-8pm. You are free to pop in and out as you please.

- Discord: If you'd like company in between socials, we have a Discord server set up! If you've never used Discord before, it is an easy way to communicate with our community over text, voice, or video.

To protect the privacy of our members, access to our Zoom chats and Discord server will be limited to those that fill out this form. After you have been approved, an email will be sent to you with the information needed to connect with us. We look forward to seeing you online!
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