Volunteer for the Saint Paul Art Crawl!
Have a specific skill set to offer for the Saint Paul Art Crawl?
Distribution of Materials *
Be a part of a team that distributes Art Crawl materials. Distribution starts April 6th. Flexible hours after initial committee meeting.
Is writing your skill set? *
Write editorials for the catalog or other needed documents to support the Art Crawl. Guidance provided.
Ad Sales *
Earn a commission while building relationships with local businesses on our Ad Sales Team. Long term opportunities available.
Videographer *
Interview artists or other participants. A recommended list will be provided.
Photographer *
Capture artists or other participants during the Art Crawl. A recommended list will be provided.
Let's get creative together! *
Branding packet provided. (logo, fonts, colors)
Computer Skills? *
Runner *
A person(s) who assists during the Art Crawl weekend by distributing materials and breaking greeters at buildings.
General *
A list, but not limited to these options!
Share with us your unique skill set not mentioned above.
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We thank you for your interest in being a part of the Spring 2017 Saint Paul Art Crawl.
Please share the contact info of anyone you know that may be interested!
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Saint Paul Art Crawl reserves the right to withdraw the invitation to volunteer or limit the volunteer time for any reason without notice due to unforseen circumstances.
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