Survey of Ideas
Please Rank the Following Items from 1 (A Must Do) to 5 (Don't Even Try It) based on the information gathered from various discussions, seminars, webinars and conferences. The Items are listed in No Particular Order. The information will be used to create a list of achievable Action Items to be designed and implemented by the appropriate agency or agencies.
Survey of Ideas to Consider
Like this survey, surveys can assist in gauging public perception and expectations.
Surveys - Have each Governmental Entity and all Utilities Create and Distribute Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys to be Reviewed, Analyzed and Plans of Action Taken based on the Results - Also, encourage other survey development to gather information from the public on needs, wants, issues and concerns to be used in future planning
Destination Bootcamp
Destination Bootcamp is an event held by business guru Jon Schallert in Denver, CO each year
Destination Bootcamp - Fund a Group of Local Small Business Owners and Community Leaders to Attend Destination Bootcamp by Jon Schallert in Denver, Co. to learn better marketing and small business development practices
Entrepreneur Development
What can we do to help local entrepreneurs in Lewisburg/Marshall Co.?
Entrepreneur Development - Must make a committed effort to Entrepreneurship and it must have an online home that is mobile friendly - It is all about providing resources, events and networking opportunities and mentorship opportunities - online and marketed
Entrepreneur Development - Host an Entrepreneur Contest for a Funding Amount that would assist in moving the small business forward from Start-Up
Revolving Loan Fund - Create a Revolving Loan Fund for Small Business and Industry to use to Develop and Grow (REDLG, for example)
Retail Investment Group - Bring Together a Group of Local Investors to Pool Money and Invest in Retail Developments or Public/Private Partnerships –Sharing Risk/Reward
Art Based Businesses - Create a tax Abatement program for artists to locate in a blighted area, Create micro loan programs for Artists - along with education on how to qualify for traditional lending, Create Work/Live Space for Artists Downtown
Incubator Or Accelerator - Create and Maintain a Small Business Development Incubator or Accelerator for any Small Business in the region to attend - Will Require Major Capital Investment and will not make money – best hope is to just pay the bills and create one or two businesses every 5-9 years
Pop-Up Stores on the Square - Work with Building Owners on the Square to allow Small Businesses and Hobbyists to use their space at the same time for one day or weekend Pop-Up Stores events and help them market
Maker Space - Create and Maintain a Maker Space – a place where innovators and tinkerers rent space to play around, design, deconstruct and build
Maker Space Contest - Host a Maker Contest where students are provided materials and asked to design a workable machine for funding
100 Girls of Code -100 Girls of Code is a free 1-day workshop designed to attract more females to the STEM career field. The 1-day workshops introduce participants to computer programming, website construction and video game development.Cost ($1,500): GOC provides everything including instructor and assist with marketing and registration a one day session for up to 20 students.Host will need to provide: space with broadband access, and access to laptops and food/drinkProcess: Choose a week that local students are not in school (summer, spring, fall, or holiday break), identify your local champion(s), allow 6 weeks for marketing and recruiting students, secure a local school contact that can help recruit students, please allow 100 GOC 6 weeks or more to schedule facilitators, prepare for logistics and food logistics if needed and identify local tech speakers if available.Contact: Cherry Daugherty or call 931-210-5105
TN Code Academy -Code Academy camps/workshops teach the basics of programming through games and gaming platforms, web and mobile applications. Professional developer’s interact directly with students, emphasizing problem-solving as a spontaneous, fun activity. Students learn computational thinking (CT) and coding individually and as part of a team. When finished, students host a “Demo Day,” showcasing their efforts as a project presentation before adults and peers.Cost ($5,000): TN Code Academy provides everything including instructor and assist with marketing and registration for 20 students.There are also materials and licensing options starting at $1,200.Host will need to provide: space with broadband access, and access to laptops and food/drinkProcess: Choose a week that local students are not in school (summer, spring, fall, or holiday break), identify your local champion(s), allow 6 weeks for marketing and recruiting students, secure a local school contact that can help recruit students, please allow TNCA 8 weeks or more to schedule facilitators, prepare for logistics and food logistics if needed and identify local tech speakers if available.Contact: Cherry Daugherty or call 931-210-5105
Dev Catalyst -A program developed by theCO (Jackson, TN) that utilizes Treehouse, a self-paced web platform that teaches students of all ages how to build a website, learn code, build an application or start a business.To set it up they need to contact Molly Plyler, our Educational Outreach Coordinator at or Estimate: $60/per student per semester.Other things to consider and include in your budget and planning:Adding a field trip to participants to see how their computer programming skills can translate into a career.Celebration/awards ceremony
Co.Starters -A program developed by Co.Lab (Chattanooga, TN) is a nine-week cohort based program that equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the insights, relationships and tools needed to turn ideas into action and turn passion into sustainable and thriving endeavors.To get set up the sites will need to contact our team by emailing Once we are in contact with them we will help them strategize using the program in their city and set a date for their training. It would be helpful for the sites to have a basic timeline of when they would like to have their training and launch their first cohort in mind when they contact us.Cost: $5,000 for a license through LaunchTN: Includes a license for 1 year, 1 training and 15% of binders making them $85/participant.If the sites chose to hold an additional training within the year they will be charged $2,500+travel reimbursements.Regular programmatic costs, depends on the number of cohorts the site wishes to run each year, but a basic estimate would be as follows:Participant Binders: $85 x 12 participants per cohort = $1,020+shipping per cohortStarter Kit: $50 per cohort Administrator Stipend : $500 per cohort Facilitator Stipend: $1,000 per cohort Marketing and Promotion: $100 per cohort Food/Snacks: $150 per cohort
Workforce Development
Workforce Development is the top priority for business and industry across the nation and it is no different here in Marshall County. How can we improve our workforce development plans, resources and efforts?
Video Contest - Host a “What’s Cool About Manufacturing?”, “What’s Cool About Marshall County Schools?” and/or “What’s Cool About Marshall County?” video contest for High School Students
Leader In Me Schools - Develop one or more Leader In Me Schools in Marshall County –
Shadow the Leader - Develop a Shadow the Leader program in which students Spend a Day or a Week Shadowing a Leader of Business, Industry or Government
Career Week - Host a Career Week where Local Businesses and Industries provide tours of their facilities, come to schools from Elementary to High School and provide information on Careers at their Facilities and the Pathways to Achieve those Careers from an Educational Perspective
MFG Meetup - Create a group to meet Monthly - what is best time to meetOpen to anyone who wants to come - including studentsWould involve Plant tours-Lunch and Learn type formatSpeakers would include MFG reps as well as other programsExamples of Topics - OSHA, Workforce Training and Trends, Best Practices Sharing, Advanced MFG (Robotics, Additive Manufacturing), Intro to Six SigmaIf someone is willing to attend one of these topics meetings, they are probably someone interested and worth speaking with as a potential employeeHold meetings at CSCC or Industry location, have food, Come up with a Schedule of Content, Identify Guest Speakers, Get local schools involved and Arrange Plant toursGet MFG, like CKNA, to take up this mantle - open it up to Students, high school and college
Code Camps - More and More Industries are Needing Employees who can Code/Program. Offer as Many Code Camps or Online Coding Seminars as Possible to All Ages but Especially to Young People
MiT - Work with Columbia State to Create a MiT program – iT Training in High School – like they did in Lawrence with LiT and Williamson with WiT
AiiT - Work with Columbia State to Create an AiiT (Mechatronics) program for high school like they did with Maury Co. Schools
Higher Education Center - Build a Building on the Corner next to CSCC for TCAT-Pulaski, TCAT-Shelbyville and CSCC to share for advanced manufacturing and technology training
Worker Recruitment - Host a “Work, Play, Live & Learn Fair” where we highlight jobs available, housing available, education available and quality of life available instead of just another job fair – Must Market it Widely
Bus Transportation - Bus Transportation for local people without transportation to work in Factories
Marketing is essential in today's world for attracting people, talent and wealth to your community. What are some things we can do to market ourselves better locally, regionally, nationally and globally?
Things to Do Sheets - Once a Week or Once a Month, Create Sheets of Things to Do and Places to Eat to distribute to all the convenience stores, hotels, restaurants and other attractions so that they can hand them out to anyone who asks "What is there to do/eat around here?"
Outreach - Use High School Students to reach out to recent graduates and find out what they are doing, living and plans – develop a database from this and provide information on Marshall County growth and opportunities to them
Outreach - Market our Outdoor Assets and Biking or Kayaking Magazines
Videos - Create 2 Min or Less Videos on Schools, Parks & Recreation, Business & Industry, Housing/Living to Market Online & Distribute
Videos - Create Videos of People in the Local Workforce Discussing their Careers and How they Achieved It and Use These Videos to Market to Students in order to Demonstrate What Careers Are Available in Marshall County
Videos - Create Videos of Middle and Elementary School Students Describing the Careers they want to have when they grow up and what careers they think are available in Marshall County – then Answer their questions with real results
Did You Know...? - Compile List with Information on important people, dates, historical facts, interesting facts and other about Marshall Co. to market on websites and in newsletters
Promote Famous People - Promote Famous and Successful Marshall County People - Walk of Heroes
100 Things in 100 Days- Develop a “100 Things in 100 Days” Social Media Campaign asking people to do 1 of 100 lists of things we develop and posting it – things like, Get a Library Card, Start a Neighborhood Meetup, Paint Your Mailbox something Cool or Funny, etc.
Lewisburg 101 - Host an Annual Lewisburg 101 Meeting for Newcomers to the area to learn about getting involved
We have created a Tourism brochure to help market our Tourism assets. What are some other ways we can create and promote Tourism?
Bus Tours - Purchase Van/Bus and Hire Driver/Guide to Create One Day Tours of Marshall County Shops and Tourism Sites using the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce to set up tours
Goat Farm Tours - Organize and Market Tours of Local Fainting Goat Farms and Goat-Related Products Businesses
Agritourism Tours - Agritourism Trail to go along with L2L Trail, Jack Trail, Civil War Trail, Wine Trail and Quilt Trail – Fruit Picking, New Lake, Winery, Horse Riding Farms, etc.
Art Crawl/Directional Artwork - Asks local artists to create sculptures to line around the Greenway and Have City purchase Walking Horse and Goat Statues for People or businesses to sponsor to be placed around town directing people to special places instead of regular directional signs
Main Street Program
Main Street is a National Program that assists communities in developing and preserving their downtown areas. What are some things we can do to improve downtown?
Main Street - Pay a Director and Formally become a certified Main Street downtown in order to pursue grant funding and other assets from the program
Wall Murals Project
Wall Murals Project - Create a Wall Murals Project where Local Artists paint scenes of Marshall County along exposed walls downtown and in other approved walls in the City of Lewisburg
Painted Store Fronts - Get Art Guild to have artists paint store front scenes on large canvas that can be placed in windows of empty square buildings that includes information on renting or purchasing the building
Things For Young People To Do
Providing things for young people to do is essential for attracting and retaining young people to our community. Quality of Place has become as important to young people as their careers. What are some things we can do to make our community more attractive to young people?
Movie Theatre - Pursue a 2-Screen Movie Theatre to provide kids a location to hang out
Skate Park - Develop a Public Skate Park where young people can come, skate and hang out
Teen Club/Hang Out - Develop or Pursue Recruitment of a Club for Teens to Hang Out and Perhaps do Community Service, Workforce Training or Fun Activities that Promote Healthy Living and Good Habits
Our parks system is one of our greatest assets. What can we do to make them better?
Dog Park - Create a Fenced In Area at One of the Park Locations to be used as a Dog Park
Rock Climbing Wall - Build a Rock Climbing Wall on the Bluffs at Rock Creek Park, at the Rec Center or both
Bicycle Racks - Work with Talos to Create and Install more Bike Racks at Points of Interest around Lewisburg like the ones built by Talos and installed at City Hall and Rock Creek Park
Fruit Forrest - Create a Public Area with a Variety of Fruit Trees from which Anyone Can Come in and Pick the Fruit for Themselves
Along with Marketing, creating campaigns is a way to direct attention to issues that need addressing. What are some potential campaigns we can implement to affect positive change?
Shop Local Campaign - Develop a Comprehensive and Ad-Heavy Campaign to Promote People Shopping Local
Drug Free Campaign - Develop a Comprehensive and Ad-Heavy Campaign about the Issues with Drug Use, Include a Database of Information on Treatment Centers and Other Assistance Programs to provide to Businesses, Industries and Citizens
Marketing Campaign - Advertise Living, Working & Visiting Marshall Co. in Print, Radio, Billboard and/or TV Ads
Food Bank & Homeless Shelter
We are seeing an increase in homelessness and people in need of basic necessity assistance in our community. What are some things we can do to help?
Food Bank & Homeless Shelter - Work with Churches and Other Resources to Develop a Network of Food Banks and a Homeless Shelter
Other Ideas
List Other Ideas Not Already Underway, Being Planned or Listed Among These Items that you would like to offer for consideration. If you are not sure if Your Item is currently being considered, feel free to ask the question before submitting here on this form.
Other Ideas
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Phase II
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2 - Communication & Celebration
Prepare for the Buzz in Advance, Create a Communication Timeline, Meaningful Recognition and Celebration

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