Legends Visitor Parking
If you would like to request a visitor parking spot please fill out this form to ensure your car will not get ticketed or towed. All guests must be registered for visitor parking AT ALL TIMES (24/7) with no exceptions. Thank you.
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Please note time limit of no more than twelve (12) consecutive hours per visit
Parking Policy Rules and Regulations:
• All vehicles parked in visitor parking must register their vehicle each time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) prior to parking in a visitor parking stall.

• All registrations must include the unit owners name, unit number, email address, visitor name, visitor vehicle make model, colour and license plate# - as well as confirmation as to when you would like the pass to begin, and to expire.

• Parking in visitor stalls is for short term visitors only, no more than twelve (12) consecutive hours to a maximum of 14 days in any calendar year.

• Extended visitor parking can be authorized at the approval and discretion of Legends. Please email info@trumanhomes.com with the details of your request should this be required.

• Should visitor parking stalls not be available, visitors are requested to park on the city roadway, at their discretion and as the law permits.

• Owners/Residents are not to park in visitor spaces at any time for any reason.

• Failure to adhere to any of the above noted policy will result in ticketing and/or towing at the expense of the owner of the offending vehicle at the discretion of the Board of Directors, Parking Committee or Security Company (where applicable)

Assumption of Risk and Indemnity: Parking is solely at the risk of the user. The User assumes all risk for injury or death and all risk of loss for any damage, theft and other losses suffered to the vehicle and its contents, and that user shall have no recourse against the property owner and manager of the parking facility. The User hereby releases, and agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless property owner and the manager of the Parking Facility, and their respective directors, officers, agents, employees, successors and assigns from all damages, claims and losses arising from or in connection with all acts or omissions due to or caused by the User or anyone for whom the User is in law responsible. The User agrees that property own and the manager of the Parking Facility have no obligation or responsibility to the User, any passengers of the Users vehicle or any other persons associated with the User to provide any security, monitoring or other protection to the Parking Facility or for the safety of persons or property at or about the Parking Facility.
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