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A group of Dragon Boat paddlers is looking at the possibility of a tourist trip to China combined with competing in a Dragon Boat event while there. It would be a guided tour, 5-star hotels, meals. If you have an interest in participating, please complete the following interest form so we can give you more information. The more people going, the less expensive the tour cost. We will hopefully select a date that does not conflict with any major Pacific Northwest Dragon Boat races; it is very hot in China during the summer so that will be the least desirable time for us to travel anyway.

Exact cost is not known at this time. Best guess would be between $1500 to $3000 depending upon the length of the trip and the areas visited.

If you have any questions please contact donboje@yahoo.com.

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Whether you are traveling with other paddlers or non-paddlers, please give us some idea about your group. Or if you plan to travel alone, let us know that too! Please be sure to have other paddlers in your group, if any, complete this interest form as well.
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There are various Dragon Boat events from April to November. Please select all dates that you are interested in, keeping in mind that summer is probably the least desirable time to travel to China.
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Please select all race divisions that you may be interested in; we may enter more than one if there is enough interest.
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