Inquiry for JSC Mototecha mobile parlour milking system
If you're not sure on your milking system specifications - let us help. Please fill the answers in the form bellow. Our team will prepare a customized offer for you.
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2. Do you plan to expand your herd in nearest future? *
3. What are your plans for herd expansion in next 5 years? Could you tell us how many cows you plan to add?
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4. Do you need milk cooling on pasture or plan milking to vacuum tank?
5. Do you have a power supply on your pasture ?
6. If you do have a power supply on pasture please specify Voltage; Frequency, Number of phases:
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7. What are your power supply generator preferences?
8. How much milk are you planning to get per one milking session (define maximum)? *
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9. Do you need a trailer for milking equipment? *
10. Do you need milking units? *
11. If you already have your own milking units, please specify brand and (power supply specifications if needed).
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