OOIFB 2024 Community Input Form
On February 20, 2024, the Ocean Observatories Initiative Facilities Board (OOIFB) hosted a Town Hall at the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. The first 30 minutes of event will included updates from NSF, OOI, and the Pioneer Array operator. The latter half was an interactive panel discussion: Enhancing your Science with OOI Data, A Community Discussion about Maximizing OOI Data Use

Even though the Town Hall event is now complete, community conversations about NSF OOI data access and best practices continue. Please include your input and comments below on how observatory data access/use be refined and/or expanded to better meet your research and education goals?
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What questions do you have about observatory data access/usage?  Are there key topics you'd like to see discussed during future community events?
Have you hit any roadblocks or had distinct challenges with observatory data? If so, what are they?
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