DBpedia Association Strategy
Dear DBpedians,

As we discussed at the last DBpedia community meeting in Leipzig the DBpedia board members prepared a survey to assess the direction of the DBpedia Association.

If you use DBpedia and want us to keep going forward, we kindly invite you to vote.

Your DBpedia Association

What should be the priorities of the DBpedia Association in the next year?
Your answer
What should be the priorities of the DBpedia Association in the next three years?
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What is your main interest in DBpedia?
Funds and collaboration
How should the funds of the association be used?
How should the DBpedia Association collaborate with national/language chapters?
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Data and features
Should DBpedia open itself to contain and curate more data not directly extracted from Wikipedia?
If yes, which other datasets should DBpedia prioritize for fusion to improve its coverage and quality?
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Which of the following features do you consider most important?
Personal Feedback and Information
Any other question, feedback, opinion, ideas or suggestion you would like to send to the association.
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Email (optional)
We will use your email to reply to you to any questions or suggestions that you entered above and to keep better track of our community.
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Thank you for your participation. Results will be published in anonymized, aggregated form.
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