Financial Assistance to Attend CodeMobile
We recognise that for some people financial difficulty may mean that it is impossible to attend CodeMobile. We want to make sure that the event is as open and inclusive as possible and that everyone who wants to attend is able to do so. We have therefore created the opportunity for delegates to apply for financial assistance.

To apply please complete this form. Applicants will be informed by 9th February 2020 if they have been successful. More information can be found at
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What financial support would you like to access?
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Please explain why you would like to be a recipient of the CodeMobile Pay It Forward programme.
Do work for a micro company that is not in a financial position to pay for accommodation costs?
Are you unemployed and seeking work as a Mobile Developer?
Are you an indie developer and paying for yourself to attend CodeMobile?

Please let us know what your circumstances are and why financial support would help you to attend CodeMobile.
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