Own-your-Throne Mindset Gathering
Are you still asking yourself the same questions you did last year and the year before and the year before that?
Would you like to prepare yourself to be the monarch of your own Life?
To finally step off that treadmill and Own your Throne?

I'm Dawn Pilatowicz and I support passionate, motivated people, who want to step into their amazing power and become the empowered beings they are designed to be.

As a Crone, a seeker, student and teacher, I've given 100s of women, and a handful of men, the understanding and tools to help empower them as they transition into a new way of being.

When you join the gathering, you will have a sounding-board, a Crone on call. We will learn about your strengths and weaknesses. I will encourage you to live on the smooth side, rather than the sticky side, of your life and I will gently push you to be the very best that you can be.

Change your Life!

Let's weed that garden, till the soil and plant some new seeds, so that you may reap the benefits in the future.

Ready to join us? Suggested minimum £22 to join the group
We will support each other via daily activities and support in a secret online group.

You will gain clarity on what it is you want and what is stopping you from getting it.
You will know who you are, what your weaknesses are and what strengths you can use.
We will have tears and laughter, resistance and acceptance, challenges and achievements.

Are you committed to thriving at this stage of your life?

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Marion Crewe-Brown
"I have known Dawn Pilatowicz for many years. Our friendship has grown over time. I feel richly blessed to have her in my Life. If I want an honest answer about anything, I know I will get it from Dawn - even if it is not what I really want to hear. She is insightful, kind caring, supportive, knowledgeable and wise. She is curious about Life and passionate. She walks her talk. She lives her Life with love and dignity.
Thank you Dawn for all you continue to teach me. Thank you for being there for me in laughter and in tears."
- Marion Crewe-Brown, www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004236635049
Judith Whiteing
"Dawn is a most inspirational, wise, and in every way generous and loving person who imparts her knowledge through her life's experiences. We are blessed to have her guidance."
- Judith Whiteing, www.facebook.com/judith.whiteing
My own Crone crowning ceremony
Warm regards, Dawn
Dawn Pilatowicz

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