Community Alcohol Survey-Adopted from FACE
This survey will provide information on the availability, density, marketing, consumption, and prevention of underage age alcohol  and adult over consumption. Thank you for your time.
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Please identify below if you are youth or adult completing the survey? *
If you identified as an adult above, which sector do you belong to below (choose as many as you like).
Are there opportunities to engage in healthy, alcohol-free activities in the community? *
Are special events such as rodeos, community fairs or car shows in your community alcohol free? If no please complete the next four questions. *
If not are there non-alcohol related activities available?
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Are non-alcoholic beverages available?
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Are ID's checked when a person purchases an alcoholic beverage
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Are adults consuming more alcoholic beverages at these events?
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Are beer/alcohol bottles littering neighborhoods or other areas of the community? *
Are activities such as red-ribbon week, the Great American Smoke out, Drinking and Driving Awareness, Underage Drinking Awareness or AIDS campaigns advertised and promoted within the community? *
Is there a community coalition on alcohol issues? *
Do students know what their school policies are regarding student alcohol use? *
Do students know the consequences of breaking school polices related to alcohol use? *
Do parents support school policies on alcohol? *
Do students support alcohol policies on alcohol? *
Do students believe adults will experience consequences if they assist or enable students who violate school alcohol policies? *
Do students think polices are consistently enforced? *
Does your school have a student handbook available that identifies alcohol policies? *
Do students think that alcohol use contributes to their problems? (Problems may include low grades, suspension from school, problems with parents and/or teachers or problems with the law.) *
Do students distribute handouts or fliers for parties where alcohol will be available? *
Are there health promotion posters visible at school?  (health promotion posters might include topics such as not smoking, or using tobacco products, having a healthy diet and not using drugs or alcohol) *
Does your school have a student assistance program? *
How many retail convenience stores are located in your community? *
How many of the retail convenience stores sell alcoholic beverages other than beer (wine, liquor, pre-mixed alcohol) *
Is beer located in coolers next to soda pop and milk? *
Are there any signs posted stating that a person must be 21 to purchase and/or consume beer/alcohol? *
Are there any promotional alcohol displays? If yes answer next question to the best of your ability. *
How many?
Do promotional alcohol displays have raffles or drawings to win something?
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Are promotional alcohol displays placed below the eye-level of an adult, where children can easily view it?
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Are convenience store cluttered with alcohol advertisements?
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Do you have designated liquor stores in your community that specifically sell package liquor store in your community?
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How many package liquor stores are in the community?
Do liquor stores have signs stating that a person must be 21 to enter?
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How many bars (which can include separate bar areas located inside a restaurant or stand alone bar) are located in the community?
Are bars, liquor stores or convenience stores that sell alcohol located near neighborhoods or schools?
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Do alcohol outlets in your community target students in their advertisements and promotions?
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Do bars feature advertising that promote high-risk drinking, such as price discounts or happy hour?
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How many billboards are there in the community?
How many billboards  in the community advertise alcohol?
Are convenience stores cluttered with alcohol advertisements on the windows?
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How many (average)?
Do local businesses carry alcohol-related merchandise? (e.g., beer mugs, shot glasses, t-shirts with alcohol logos)
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Does merchandise such as posters or clothing have pro-drinking messages?
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Does merchandise such as posters or clothing have health promotion messages?
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Are local business littered with beer bottles and cans?
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