Collegiate Leadership Team 2019- 2020 Application
The ΣΔΤ Collegiate Leadership Team (CLT) will be comprised of dynamic, undergraduate ΣΔΤ sisters who have demonstrated a personal interest in leadership and who aspire to further develop their leadership skills and their involvement with Sigma Delta Tau on a National level. The CLT members shall serve as change agents and represent the collegiate voice at the national level of our organization. Each member is charged with promoting the ideals and values of Sigma Delta Tau Sorority and the initiatives of the National Board of Directors.

The ΣΔΤ CLT’s primary role will be to assist the National Board of Directors and National Volunteers on special projects. In addition, we will look to the CLT for feedback and ideas when creating innovative and effective programming and tools for our chapters. Participation on the CLT will allow members to share their leadership experience with others and foster personal and professional growth with fellow ΣΔΤ sisters.

Members of the ΣΔΤ CLT are also required to attend the orientation and training weekend November 1st to November 3rd (dates are subject to change) to begin the planning process, refine leadership skills and build relationships with fellow CLT members .

The ΣΔΤ sisters selected for the team will have their travel, hotel, food, and registration expenses paid for by the National Organization for the training weekend and any additional programming they might be asked to facilitate and participate in, such as Elevate or Convention. Sisters must be able to participate in monthly conference calls that focus on training, conversations with SDT National Council Members, feedback to our organizational partners and planning for regional &
national programs.

For further information about this program, please email the Collegiate Leadership Team Coordinator, Daryn Foster at

All applications are due September 15th.
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All applicants must have an SDT volunteer (Board of Director, Chapter Services Coordinator, Advisor, Recruitment Coordinator) or Consultant complete a recommendation form on their behalf.

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