The Monetha Identity App
Hello, everyone.

We are a software development company working on a self-sovereign digital identity designed to ease and safeguard your interactions in the digital world while enabling you to utilize your data's value.

We would greatly appreciate it, if you could help us shape the Monetha app, as your feedback is important to us.

We want to enable users to do the following through our new Monetha app:
– safely manage and store personal profile (in encrypted form);
– share specific parts of the profile with others (other users and businesses) ;
– terminate sharing of the data at any time (utilizing GDPR right to be forgotten);
– leverage your profile value by helping businesses to prevent fraud, simplify user onboarding, and perform KYC easier in exchange for certain benefits (e.g. discounts, vouchers, etc.).

Please help us improve the Monetha app by answering a few questions below.

Most of the questions have "Other" options where you could describe your thoughts in more details.
Every online business collects your data for various purposes. Does it bother you? *
Your data is usually used to deliver a product/service (essential), to improve customer experience (important for businesses to stay competitive), or even to further monetize it (e.g. Google, Facebook aggregate loads of detailed personal data and use it for targeted ads).
Most probably, you have dozens or hundreds of digital profiles online: in social media, in online shops and services, etc. Each of them has value, but you usually can't utilize it outside a particular website. What if you had a single re-usable profile? Like a passport which you just show and keep, instead of filling out forms every single time. Moreover, you could utilize your profile's value every time you use it. Would you try it? *
Even a part of your digital profile can be valuable. How much of it would you share when shopping online? What for? *
Would you choose between personalized discounts/vouchers in a particular shop, or in-app points which you could spend in any shop within Monetha ecosystem? *
Does it bother you when you have to fill in information manually again and again when signing up at another online shop? *
Choose features in order of importance *
Less important
Not important
All data in one place
Tracking of interactions
Secure data exchange
Bonuses when shopping
Easy login to shops
Are there any other particular features you would like to have in the app?
Do you have any shops/services in mind which you would like to see in Monetha's ecosystem? If you think they will be interested in joining Monetha and you know whom we could talk to in that regard, please share their contacts too!
If there is anything else you would like to add, please feel free to do so below.
Thank you for your input, it's precious to us! Would you like to be informed of the product updates and be the first to use it? *
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