2019 C-START Summer PD Workshop Registration
Start the registration process for a Summer 2019 C-START Computer Science Workshop here!

Cost for each workshop at the Colorado School of Mines is $200/day (for Colorado teachers). This fee includes the PD, materials, lunch, and parking. In addition, assistance as questions arise when deploying the material learned exists. Details on payment for the workshop will be sent later (to those who complete this form).

Several scholarships are available for Colorado teachers, if the teacher's district/school is unable to cover the cost. Possibilities for travel scholarships and teacher stipends also exist (again, for Colorado teachers only).

Participants will receive a certificate for the professional development hours attended. Course credit is also possible, depending on interest. We need 3+ teachers interested in credit for a given workshop to offer credit (as the paperwork is cumbersome). The amount of credit (which is an additional fee) depends on the number of hours in the PD training (approximately 0.5 credit per day of training).

See the C-START web page (http://cstart.mines.edu/) or PDF file (https://cstart.mines.edu/Mines-CS-PD.pdf) for more details.

Contact tcamp@mines.edu with questions OR if you are not a Colorado teacher. Workshop options below may be canceled if few teachers enroll.

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Introduction to Snap! June 18-20th (9am-4pm)
Snap! is a visual, drag-and-drop programming language that is suitable for a serious introduction to computer science in K-12. If you would like to introduce students to programming, then come learn the basics of Snap! This 3-day workshop is recommended for those new to programming (e.g., before learning Java), and can be an appropriate workshop for elementary, middle, and high school teachers.
Web Programing: June 11-13th (9am-4pm)
This 3-day workshop will cover a brief introduction to HTML and CSS, and then spend the bulk of the time on programming in JavaScript. This workshop is mainly for high school teachers who want to learn (or improve) their web programming skills, though others are welcome.
Java Programming: June 17-21 (9am-4pm)
This 5-day workshop introduces the Java programming language, a general-purpose programming language (class-based and object-oriented). Java is the programming language on the AP CS A exam. This workshop is mainly for high school teachers who plan to teach Java, though others are welcome.
Introduction to Cryptography: June 24-27 (9am-4pm)
This 4-day workshop aims to provide basic cryptography knowledge, concepts, and skills. High-school students will subsequently be able to (1) use cryptographic techniques for security and privacy protection and (2) be motivated to learn more about cryptography. The training includes lectures, hands-on lab exercises, and group discussions on the following example topics: secret-key cryptography, public-key cryptography, digital signature, and blockchain. This workshop is mainly for computer science high school teachers who are looking to augment their skills (though others are welcome).
CS-FAST Unplugged: July 8-10 (9am-4pm)
A 1-day PD program (K-2: July 8th, 3-4: July 9th, and 5-6: July 10th) designed to teach students computational thinking. CS Unplugged activities are a hands-on approach through games, puzzles, magic tricks, and competitions to teach computer science concepts without the use of a computer. The activities are designed to engage students and serve as a vehicle to learn the foundations of computing without the complication of using the computer: http://cstart.mines.edu/FAST/. This workshop is only for elementary school teachers.
Python: July 15-17th (9am-4pm)
This 3-day workshop teaches Python, a high-level general purpose programming language that is easy to learn and suitable for an introductory programming course. This workshop will teach the fundamentals of programming as well as the advanced features on Python. Participants are encouraged to attend at least July 15-16th, with July 17th as an option for those who want to delve deeper. NOTE: best for middle/high school teachers who are new to CS.
CSPdWeek: July 22-26th (all day)
CSPdWeek is back at Colorado School of Mines for Summer 2019! CSPdWeek is a week-long residential professional development experience for computer science educators to support teachers and schools in offering inclusive and rigorous computer science learning opportunities. We'll host Mobile CSP, Exploring CS, and Bootstrap all week. A 1-day (July 22nd) NCWIT Counselors for Computing program will also exist. More details (including registration details) are at: http://www.cspdweek.org
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