What do you want your website to achieve?
Answer as many of the questions in as much (or little) detail as you can, it will help you prepare for the website workshop and help you get the most value from your time. It will also help us understand more about your business, if you don't know the answers, don't worry, we'll be covering them on the website workshop. This form helps us understand what your needs are, so we can make sure we focus on the most useful aspects for your business success.
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What do you want your website to do for your business?
I want to attract these types of customers:
Please provide a brief description of the types of customers you want to attract with your website, so that they buy from your business. Age, race, profession, family status, education background, where they live, any other factor that distinguishes them from the general population.
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What do you want to sell through your website?
Describe the types of products/services you would like to sell online on your website.
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Do you have a business logo already?
If you have business logo already designed make sure it is on your laptop or accessible from your laptop at the website workshop.
Do you have professional images of your products/services/images to use on your website?
You need to either own the copyright for the images, or have permission from the owner of the images. Original images are best, although we'll show you websites you can access royalty free images (without infringing copyright) during the website workshop.
Have you already registered a domain name?
If you have already registered a domain name, please make sure you know what it is. If you don't have one, don't worry Jimdo can register your domain for you as part of the package.
Is there anything in particular you would like us to cover on the website workshop?
This might be something already listed on the content we will cover, or it might be something you think would be useful for your business website.
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