Interest Form: Connecting Kubernetes Clusters to GCP (Alpha)
Please fill out this form to be considered for GKE Connect for non-GKE clusters Alpha program.

If you are selected for this Alpha program you will be able to register and connect your existing Kubernetes clusters running in cloud and on-premises to your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Project. Once connected you can log-in and interact with them using the GCP Cloud Console. While the current use-case covers interacting with clusters using the GCP Cloud Console, we may extend the capabilities of this to offer you new features in the future.

In order to participate, you must also agree to and sign the Trusted Tester Agreement (TTA), link below. Please do this either before completing the form or right after to avoid further delays.

In addition, you must be willing to try alpha-quality software and will be required to periodically update the software to keep the connection to GCP operational.

We will contact you if you are selected for the Alpha program with further questions.

Next '19 Overview of this Feature:

Trusted Tester Agreement (TTA):

Email address *
Google Account Team Contacts
Please add your primary Google Account team contact who works with you. They will be copied on emails we send to you and will ensure that we can provide a better experience for the Alpha overall.
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Whitelisting Information
Your Company Name *
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Users to Whitelist *
Please enter email addresses (comma separated) of the users to whitelist. Since these will be used to control access to the Alpha, they must match the GCP Cloud Identities that you use to log-in to your GCP Console. We will also use these addresses to send additional instructions (i.e.; to upgrade the agent) and to send out surveys during the Alpha.
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What projects should be whitelisted? *
Comma separated list of project ids (not project numbers). Since this is Alpha, provide only non-production projects.
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Have you signed the Trusted Tester Agreement?
If not, please do so (we cannot add you to the Alpha until this is complete):
Why are you interested in this Alpha? *
Please let us know the use-cases this would help you address. This will help us prioritize our responses.
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Kubernetes (k8s) Familiarity *
How knowledgeable are you with Kubernetes?
Not at All Familiar (i.e.; just getting started with k8s)
Extremely Familiar (i.e.; have deployed k8s to several environments)
Company Info
Industry *
This will be used to help us understand what industry areas we should focus on.
Location *
What geography are you located in?
Current Kubernetes Usage
The following questions are about the current k8s usage. Please fill them out to the best of your knowledge. This will help us prioritize future use-cases and make sure we choose prioritize our responses.
Approximate Number of Clusters *
# of Staging & Production Clusters across all environments (cloud and on-premises)
How interested are you in connecting clusters from... *
Not at All Interested
Slightly Interested
Somewhat Interested
Very Interested
Extremely Interested
Other Cloud Providers
Other GCP Projects
On-Premises (traditional)
Edge (Store, IoT, Factory)
Developers (minikube, KIND)
Managed Kubernetes Providers *
Where are you running your production Kubernetes environments? Please select the distributions that are being used today.
Self-Managed Kubernetes (Tools)
If you are self-managing k8s today what tools are you using
Self-Managed Kubernetes (Environments)
If you are self-managing k8s today what environments are your deploying it to.
OpenShift Environments
If you are using OpenShift, what environment(s) are you running on?
Rancher Environments
If you are using Rancher, what environments (cloud-providers, on-prem providers) have you connected to it?
Platform9 Environments
If you are using Platform9, what clusters have you connected to it?
Additional Notes
Please tell us if there is anything additional we should know or if you have any questions for us.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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