2012 LACC Radiologic Technology Student Clinical Instructor Evaluation Form

Please complete the following survey regarding your clinical instructor at your hospital. This information will be used to improve the quality of clinical education RT students receive.
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    Accepts constructive criticism well
    Maintains adequate and appropriate records
    Attends required meetings at the college and hospital
    Is regularly available to students
    Fulfills professional responsibilities
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    The clinical instructor treated the students with respect and demonstrated sensitivity in working with students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds and needs.
    The clinical instructor encouraged students to express their own opinions and respected the students as individuals.
    The clinical instructor was available during office hours.
    The clinical instructor demonstrated knowledge of policies and requirements affecting students.
    The clinical instructor demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the subject matter.
    The clinical instructor adheres to the priciple of student confidentiality.
    The clinical instructor assesses the students regularly.
    The clinical instructor evaluates student achievement according to the stated course evaluation criteria.
    The clinical instructor submits required records and reports it in a timely manner.
    The clinical instructor communicates clearly and effectively with students.
    The clinical instructor functions as an effective counselor with students in need of improvement.
    The clinical instructor stimulates the students interest and desire to learn.
    The clinical instructor ensures the student experiences the required number of mandatory and elective exams.
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    Overall Performance
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