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Please tell us which Read Local Challenge books you've read and help us determine which state has the most avid Book Challenge Readers! Select your state from the drop-down menu (states are listed in alphabetical order, with the Read Local Challenge states: DE, MD, VA, DC & WV listed first for your convenience). Then, click to tell us which books you have read in each of the challenge levels. You may come back at any time, so if you read more books later, don't forget to come tell us!

*** If you read our books as a group, each member of the group is allowed to count the book for themselves, so a class of 30 students all reading the same book will definitely give your state a boost in the state-by-state reading race! ***

We will select an at-need school or library within the winning state to receive a special Gift Pack of signed books! (We reserve the right to award a second gift pack of books to a school or library in a non-winning state, if we have enough books to do so.)

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Would you like to nominate an in-need school or library to win a special Gift Pack of selected, signed books by local authors/illustrators? (This can be ANY school or library you know that needs a boost. You do NOT have to be connected to the school/library in any way!)
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