Submit an Idea for the Redding City Identity Project "20 ideas by 2020"
The Redding City Identity Project is looking for ideas that could make Redding a more enjoyable place to live. We already privately raised funding (from sponsors on the following page) to help initiate 20 cool things by 2020 that will make our city better. We’d like to hear from you about what you would like to see in Redding.


1) GRANT SEEKERS - If you have a good idea that would benefit Redding and are willing to generously share that idea with your community there is space below to outline your concept. Please also check "yes" on the grant funding question noting you would like to be considered to be the person or organization to initiate the idea in 2019. (GRANTS RANGING FROM $500 - $10,000+ MAY BE AWARDED!)

2) EVERYONE ELSE - If there's a cool idea that you have imagined or experienced in another place and would like to see it here in Redding, we want to hear from you. Here’s an example of an idea... "I would really like to see a large scale, iconic mural added to our downtown."

Once ideas are submitted, they will go before a Selection Committee comprised of community members who will narrow the ideas down to the top 40. The top 40 ideas will then be vetted by the Board of Directors of the Redding Chamber of Commerce’s non-profit, the Forward Redding Foundation. The Board will select the final 20 ideas to initiate by 2020.

Here are some specific filters that we’ll be looking for:
Will this idea help the city sound better, look better, or add a great experience? Is this idea feasible, desirable and could the idea be implemented with the assistance of the grant funding available through the Identity Project?

We may be interested in following up with you to find out more information about your idea. If you are open to being contacted for an interview, please provide your name, phone number and email address.

You are welcome to submit as many ideas as you would like to share. Please fill out the questions below.

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