Film entry for International Shortfilm Festival Landau - La.Meko 2018
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Conditions for participation:
Conditions for participation:
• Max. length (per submission): 30 minutes
• Two submissions maximum per director (please use separate entry forms for each movie!)
• No promotional contents
• Languages: German and any other language with English subtitles
• The film was not submitted for the La.Meko Landau festival yet.
• Preview Copy: please send us a link to an online streaming ressource (e.g. vimeo). Please NO file-transfer links like wetransfer, dropbox etc!!!). Any preview copies remain in the archive and cannot be sent back. We will not confirm the receipt of submissions.
• If you send a DVD please attach a note to the shipment with your name, title of movie, e-mail adress and a signed note that you agree to the conditions of the festival.
• Don’t use adhesive labels or stickers for the DVD
• Don't send us any letters in a form we have to sign for the receiving.
• Festival copy on HD Media-file (e.g. h264, apple proRes etc.).

• Closing date for submissions 15th November 2017
(The Closing date for submissions of universities and distributors might be different)


The Festival will take place in may 2017.

There are currently at least six awards (250€-500€). Three of them including the regional price are chosen by a jury and the rest by the votes of the audience.
More information about the festival:

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Regional Movie Pfalz (Only movies that are produced in the german region "Pfalz")
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By submitting this application, you are confirming that you have the right to submitt this film and that you have read, understood and agreed to the following conditions:
The submitter allows the organizer to use his/her movie for all activities organized or promoted by the organizer. Movies will only be shown in events organized by the La.Meko Short Film Festival. Activities consist of: presentation of the work at the festival, in further events organized by the La.Meko film festival, accompanying printed materials. The submitter declares that he/she has the copyright of the work. The submitter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the organizer from and against all third‐party claims.
If you can't send us a link to an online version you can send us a DVD to:
Filmfestival Landau e.V.
Marienring 1
76829 Landau

Please attach a note to the shipment with your name, title of movie and e-mail adress and a signed note that you agree to the conditions of the festival.

...OR SEND US A LINK TO AN ONLINE VERSION (only streaming like vimeo, youtube etc.)

Link to online version of movie if available
http://... (link must be executable until may 2018!!!)
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